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E-Day’ story details and everything we know

June 10th, 2024

One of the biggest announcements from 2024’s Xbox Games Showcase was Gears of War: E-Day. The next mainline entry in the series is shaking things up by returning to the core of the franchise and offering up an entirely new setting for the series.

Below, you can find a complete rundown of everything we know about The Coalition‘s next game, which is being built within Unreal Engine 5.

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‘Gears of War E-Day’ story details

Gears of War E-Day takes us back to the beginning. Here, both Marcus and Dom are seasoned veterans of the Pendulum Wars, the ongoing conflict that took place before the start of the series. Knowing Dom through his older brother, Carlos, he and Marcus are in the early stages of their friendship following the death of Carlos.

The game tells the origin story of their bond, which came to define the series. However, this is a step back which means neither of them have their years of experience fighting The Locust, so this game’s threat will be fresh and new for them. On the topic of their relationship, The Coalition described the story (via Xbox Wire) as “a really modern take” on both of them.

“You have this intimate story set amid this wider backdrop of what’s happening on this apocalyptic day. I think, for fans, it’ll be really compelling to dig deep and explore their bond and how it changes over time.”

Is ‘Gears of War: E-Day’ a reboot?

Gears of War: E-Day isn’t a reboot. Instead, it is transporting us back to the origin of Marcus and Dom’s friendship and not erasing the events that took place between the first and fifth games.

In fact, later on in that same post on the Xbox Wire, The Coalition said that the “team is content with the stories told in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 and is by no means abandoning them, but the collective passion for such an iconic origin story was simply too great to ignore.”

The game is also not a spinoff, instead acting as the new mainline entry, simply set earlier in the timeline than Gears 5.

When could we see gameplay of Gears of War: E-Day?

Gears of War: E-Day still seems to be a little while away, even though it has been five years since the last entry. No date was given in the trailer, and a good prediction is that we will see gameplay at next year’s Xbox Games Showcase in June.

Gears of War E-Day Everything We Know: Marcus can be seen fighting someone
Credit: Microsoft

When could Gears of War E-Day release?

Gears of War: E-Day doesn’t have a release date or window for Xbox Series X|S and PC. But, given that we only saw a brief trailer, it seems likely that the game will release in later 2025 or sometime in 2026, although that is speculation on our part. We will likely get a firm release window at next year’s Xbox Games Showcase, but could see more before then.

Gears of War: E-Day was one of several announcements from the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. You can catch up on all the announcements from the show here.

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