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DJ Akademiks sued for rape and defamation

May 16th, 2024

DJ Akademiks has been sued for rape, sexual assault and defamation.

The hip-hop media personality – real name Livingston Allen – is being sued by his ex-partner Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe, who dated the internet star after meeting him online in 2021.

In the lawsuit, Abashe alleges that she was contacted by Allen and invited to his house in New Jersey on July 16, 2022, even though they allegedly had not seen each other for almost a year (per Rolling Stone).

Upon her arrival to Allen’s home, Abashe alleges that she was met by two men (identified as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2), whom she did not expect to be there. She claims that the men drugged her drink, which “impacted her memory and caused her to lose consciousness,” before assaulting and raping her on Allen’s pool deck.

She claims she was later woken up at around 4 a.m. (July 17, 2022) in a bedroom by Allen, who was “pulling her hair, prying open her legs, and brutally raping her. She alleged that she begged him to stop and was “crying for most of this assault but losing her ability to move physically.” The lawsuit provides further graphic details about the allegations.

She then went on to allege that the following morning, Allen went on to show her footage of the assault on the pool deck, where she saw herself lying on the ground lifeless during the encounter.

DJ Akademiks attends 2018 ComplexCon-Day 1 at Long Beach Convention Center on November 3, 2018 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

Abashe then claimed that he told her to “get tested” and said that he would do the same. She said that afterward she went to the police, who directed her to the hospital for a rape kit, which detected traces of Allen’s sperm. She added that the police then took photos of bruises on her body and that she captured audio of Allen describing the assault on a “recorded wire call.”

Per the lawsuit, she chose to remain silent and not press charges until the incident came to light when she and Allen discussed it on social media in late 2023. In a video from December 30, 2023, Allen said Abashe “was getting trained by my two mens on my pool deck.”

According to the lawsuit, Abashe says that she is also suing for defamation due to Allen’s implication of her voluntarily participating in an orgy with his friends.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Abashe said, “I’m confident that justice will prevail and the veil will be removed so no other woman will have to endure what I did.”

Allen had previously addressed the lawsuit during his Rumble livestream on Tuesday afternoon (May 18) referring to it as a “shakedown” saying, “This is a money tree situation.”

He also reiterated several statements he had previously made about the allegations, saying that the police had conducted an investigation and nothing had come of it.

“I’m not even hiding and ducking from a situation, or ducking from the narrative that happened,” he said. “I pretty much told everything. And also I told the truth. The police came, they looked, we gave them everything. Pretty much everything is documented, caught on videotape. They got to see it with their own two eyes. Not only did they say, ‘Ak, you good’ — and this is not just word of mouth. This is, ‘You’re officially clear. We could not bring any criminal Charges. You are not criminally liable.’ But also, anybody else in the situation, was also clear.”

He added: “The things that fall in my favor happen to be: The truth, video footage, text messages, everything that the prosecutor who could’ve potentially looked into this, all reviewed and said, ‘We don’t have enough to even go forward.’ That’s just facts.”

For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.

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