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Details of Boygenius’ signature Gretsch guitar revealed

February 1st, 2024

Details of Boygenius‘ new signature Gretsch guitar have been revealed.

Last week the supergroup – Phoebe BridgersLucy Dacus and Julien Baker – teased their custom-made guitar in collaboration with the guitar manufacturer.

They have now unveiled the limited edition Broadkaster Jr., which is adorned with Boygenius details including fingerboard inlays designed with iconography personal to the trio, along with a nickel head badge featuring the trio’s signatures.

“I wish this had been my first guitar,” said Boygenius in a press statement.

The band also added that they wanted the guitar to feel “accessible” to any playing ability.

According to the guitar’s product description, the body produces a “clear, punchy, well-balanced tone”.

The guitar is available to order now, limited to one per person, for $699.99 (£553.49). You can check out the various customised features up close and order here.

You can check out an extended video about Boygenius’ new guitar and pictures below below.

Gretsch Limited Edition Boygenius Broadkaster Jr. (CREDIT: Press)

Boygenius Gretsch guitar
Gretsch Limited Edition Boygenius Broadkaster Jr. (CREDIT: Press)

Boygenius Gretsch guitar
Gretsch Limited Edition Boygenius Broadkaster Jr. (CREDIT: Press)

“At Gretsch, our unwavering commitment is to empower musicians at every level, fostering the expression of their unique voices across genres and among players of all backgrounds. Collaborating with Boygenius on designing this guitar was a cool experience, working closely to ensure the specs matched their unique sound,” said Jason Barnes, VP Product at Gretsch, in a statement.

“Our collaboration with them transcends mere music; it’s about kindling inspiration in countless fans, reaching new audiences, and embracing diverse genres. This collaboration stands as a testament to our brand’s voice, resonating with the shared passion for artistic expression and the belief that music has the power to inspire and elevate individuals on their creative paths.”

Boygenius’ debut LP ‘The Record’ was been named NME‘s Album Of The Year in 2023. Speaking about the honour, Bridgers said: “It rocks. I’ve never put something out so early in the year, for one, and then been reminded that people like it after the tour’s after. I think if we’d done it a little differently, it would have timed out weirder. So much has changed since the beginning of the year, and it’s been our whole lives, so it’s nice to be reminded that people loved it.”

In a five-star review upon its release, NME described the album as “the instant classic we were hoping for”, adding: “With their first full-length, the indie rock supergroup elevates their songwriting by combining the best parts of their artistry.”

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