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D’Angel To Detail Physically Abusive Relationship In Book

May 29th, 2024

Singjay D’Angel says her upcoming memoir will detail her experience with a physically abusive relationship. 

The Stronger singer was on TikTok Live with emerging artist Kizzy Don, who asked if she’d ever experienced domestic violence. 

“Yeah, I did,” D’Angel said. “Mi experience it already. Mi experience abuse – physical abuse. Classing pon top of classing, and I was so young, mi not even understand this… Mi nuh know nothing bout this and mi just get the strength while I was there to choose me and to move on and to love me. That’s why mi book a go be so strong cause mi nuh talk mi business all now.”

The Blaze artist is often associated with two high-profile relationships. She met Bounty Killer at the height of her modeling career in the 1990s. Their long-term union was marred by domestic abuse allegations, which neither have confirmed.

Artists and exes D’Angel (left) and Bounty Killer

They split shortly after her big debut, Uptown Living (2005), with D’Angel citing his non-support of her music career as the reason for their breakup.  

The following year, she went on to work with Beenie Man – Bounty’s then-rival – releasing their debut collab One Man. Their musical chemistry grew romantic and the couple was soon engaged and headed to the altar.

The marriage welcomed one child but grew tumultuous with public spats and cheating allegations on both ends. By 2011, they were heading to divorce court which finalised eight years later. 

Beenie Man and D’Angel at their wedding reception in 2006.

Though she called no names, D’Angel shared that she was in a violent relationship, which left a visible scar by her eyebrow. 

“Man beat me up right through, buss all mi eye,” she stopped to show viewers the scar. “Accuse me all kind of sinting. Tell lie pon me seh me and man deh… Girl, is a lot.”

Today, the No Worries act has zero tolerance for domestic abuse, which she partly attributed to her single status.

“Mi single fi several reasons… If yuh touch me, yuh cya come outta jail. You nah get no bail… Once a person start behave obsessive and talk to me certain type of way Kizzy, a deh so now the beating a go come afterwards, and yuh cya touch me. Mi nuh seh yuh cya touch me enuh, but a wah a go happen after. Yuh haffi rotten inna prison.” 

The entertainer has been teasing the autobiography since 2021, emphasizing that her story is too valuable to share for free. She also feels her survival of domestic abuse makes her qualified to give victims advice. The topic arose as Kizzy Don opened up about trying to find a new residence to evade a violently obsessive ex.  

“I can counsel anybody on any level…” D’Angel started before giving her signs of an abusive man. “Once you’re a woman beater, you a go continue be a woman beater forever… (Look out for) how dem treat dem mother, how dem treat dem kids, all of them something there. How dem talk to you…you’ll know seh dah man yah nuh right.”

D’Angel commended her younger peer for leaving the relationship, and encouraged women to invest in self-defense classes.

Kizzy Don is gearing up to release a track inspired by the experience, and told women in similar situations to “run, mi love, him will kill you; it a go get worse… You will lose your life my girl, run.”

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