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Colors Of Evil: Red ending explained: who killed Monika?

June 6th, 2024

Netflix adapts the first novel of a Polish crime thriller trilogy in new film Colors Of Evil: Red.

Based on the book Czerwień by Malgorzata Oliwia Sobczak, the film follows a prosecutor’s pursuits to solve a murder case after a young woman’s body is found on a beach, only to find it has a number of parallels with a case from 20 years prior.

The film is directed by Adrian Panek and stars Jakub Gierszal, Maja Ostaszewska and Zofia Jastrzębska. Panek and Łukasz M. Maciejewski penned the screenplay.

What happens at the end of Colors Of Evil: Red?

Billski is on the case in ‘Colors Of Evil: Red’ CREDIT: Netflix

After discovering a bracelet made of human skin, prosecutor Leopold Bilski secures a conviction against gangster Kazar. The bracelet itself is made from the lips of Kazar’s victims, but there’s no DNA match connecting him to the murder of Monika Bogucka.

Following Kazar’s arrest, Monika’s mother Helena visits a cabin with her lover Tadeusz Dubiela for a romantic getaway. Tadeusz’s son, Mario, however is unexpectedly there and during dinner, asks his father if he’s told Helena what he did – which is brushed aside by Tadeusz.

Later on, Helena discovers the ruby ring she passed down to her daughter Monika on a table in Mario’s room, which was missing from her body when she was found. When a shocked Helena tries to leave the cabin, she’s stopped in her tracks by Tadeusz who injects her with a drug to make her pass out.

Helena later wakes up, only to find Tadeusz sitting in a chair armed with a gun. He explains how his son Mario accidentally killed Monika after he bashed her head several times against the floor when she refused his sexual advances.

To protect his son from going to prison, Tadeusz cut off Monika’s lips and dumped the body to make it look like she had been killed by Adrian Jakubiak, who was recently released from prison and had been convicted for the death of his then-fiancee in the same way. Following this revelation, Tadeusz then shoots himself with the gun in front of Helena. Leopold Bilski arrives at the scene shortly after the shot rings out.

After putting out the ring on purpose to come clean about Monika’s death, the closing scene shows Mario turning himself over to the police.

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