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Chronixx Calls Out Spotify Over Fake Uploads, Says No New Music “For The Near Future”

February 19th, 2024

Reggae singer Chronixx is calling out Spotify for allowing unauthorized music to appear on his account. 

Over the last five years, the popular streaming service has been plagued by scam artists tagging prominent names in songs that appear as collaborations, making it visible on their accounts. Chronixx became a victim of the scam this month, with a ‘Brahma’ label uploading two songs to his account: A Nuhb (sic) Long Talk and the rather explicit Manuva

The Smile Jamaica singer spoke out against the atrocity in his Instagram Stories over the weekend. 

“My Spotify is not hacked,” he declared. “@spotify literally allows anyone to post music to my official account as chronixx. They will invite us to the black music department stuff to sing and “talk” but absolutely no security for our music on their platform in fact. Anyways…love.”

Spotify’s existing policy isn’t preventative, but artists can report unauthorised music by filling out this form and await a resolution email. Fans can also report the mixed up music to Spotify’s customer service team. 

Be it in jest or seriously, Chronixx called on creators to go crazy in uploading more music to his profile, as he’s not releasing new material soon.  

“I advise more people to go put songs up on my Spotify,” he wrote. “Keep the releases busy. I don’t have any releases scheduled for the near future.”

It was just last month that his followers were calling for the all-round quality that he brings to reggae. 

Chronixx’s last release, Never Give Up, blessed ears in 2022 with all the Bob Marley and I-Threes feels. It was produced by Inflo for UK label Forever Living Originals, with whom he said would be behind his future releases. 

“They have been my family for a long time and have always been making music from Cool As The Breeze,” he told The Gleaner in 2022. “For me still, I don’t want to tell people I’m working on this or working on that, but I’m working.”

His last project, Chronology, was released in 2017 to chart-topping success and Grammy-nominating praise. From its Soul Circle Music production to its transnational marketing, the 16-track set is undoubtedly among reggae’s best offerings.

Album cover for Chronixx’s 2017 debut album Chronology

Chronixx started sharing details about his anticipated sophomore set, Dela Splash, in 2020. Named after the now-defunct annual concert in his old stomping ground, Chronixx told Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning that the album is “going more into the festive side of music. Let’s make a music that everyone can understand and dance to.”

The tracklist includes Dela Move, a wavy ode to his hometown, the tranquil Same Prayer with Kabaka Pyramid, and the genre-bending track Cool As the Breeze/Friday.

The album’s intended 2020 release date was pushed back as the singer welcomed fatherhood.

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