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All Hades 2 weapons and where to get them

May 10th, 2024

Hades 2 is bigger in almost every way than its predecessor. While the first game offered a bunch of different weapons to unlock, the ones here are unique and varied, and force you to completely rethink how you fight.

Initially, you may be confused about how you can unlock these new weapons in the Crossroads, but before long the option will open up to you. However, you will need to do some exploring to be able to buy them.

All Hades 2 weapons

There are 5 weapons in Hades 2 currently:

Credit: Supergiant Games

Witch’s Staff

The Witch’s Staff is the default weapon Melinoë has in the game. It is a melee-focused weapon with a cookie-cutter combo which you will come to rely on if you use the weapon. It is a pretty basic weapon overall, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t strong. It has a ranged special attack which can also be charged to explode upon hitting an enemy or surface.

This gives you a pretty good all-around weapon that can be effective up close and at range.

Hades 2 Weapons: Melinoë can be seen with the Sister Blades
Credit: Supergiant Games

Sister Blades

The Sister Blades resemble assassin blades. They are fast and allow you to stay nimble in the fight. They include a teleport which can act as a second dodge allowing you to dart behind an enemy and the Omega attack improves the weapons even more.

The main downside with these blades is that the damage output is significantly lower than any other weapon in the game. So, while you will be gaining a lot of mobility, you will spend longer fighting enemies and bosses.

Hades 2 Weapons: Melinoë can be seen with the Umbral Flames
Credit: Supergiant Games

Umbral Flames

When it comes to skill-based weapons, the Umbral Flames are one of the hardest in Hades 2 to use. Melinoë wields two flaming sticks which can be used to cast orbs that track enemies or fly straight ahead, or use her special to create a protective shield around her from those fiery orbs. These can block damage and also deal great area-of-effect damage.

They are not a beginner’s weapon and they require a lot of finesse and patience to use correctly, however, a great build with the right boons and buffs can allow you to fight from afar while not getting hit.

Hades 2 Weapons: Melinoë can be seen with the Moonstone Axe
Credit: Supergiant Games

Moonstone Axe

Aside from the Witch’s Staff, the Moonstone Axe is the second easiest weapon to pick up and use. It has slower melee attacks, but its damage is off the charts and you can kill most enemies in the first two or three areas with one or two swings. The main combo also finishes with a huge slam, making it great for killing large groups of foes.

When fighting bosses, you will need to take more care and only swing once or twice as you can easily get caught in a combo from them or lose a huge chunk of your health. But, if you are looking for something with more of an impact you can’t get much better than the Axe.

Hades 2 Weapons: The Argent Skull can be seen
Credit: Supergiant Games

Argent Skull

As with most games, there is always an oddball weapon that behaves unlike anything else. In Hades 2 right now that is the Argent Skull. Instead of a traditional melee or ranged weapon, Melinoë gets three skulls which can be used as a basic attack. You will then need to retrieve the skull from where it landed to then use it again.

Thankfully, the special attack is a dash which can be used to run towards where the skull landed. Paired with movement-based boons, some accessories, and enhanced power-ups, the Argent Skull can be a devastating tool.

How to unlock all ‘Hades 2’ weapons

To unlock all weapons in Hades 2, you need to interact with the pool of blue light in the second room of the Crossroads. You can then buy each weapon for the following resources:

  • Witch’s Staff – default weapon at the beginning of the game
  • Sister Blades – 1x Silver
  • Umbral Flames – x3 Silver, x3 Cinder
  • Moonstone Axe – 15x Silver
  • Argent Skull – x2 Glass Rock, x1 Bronze

Once you unlock the option in the Crossroads to buy weapons, you will be able to grab the rest of them currently in the game. However, some materials will take a while to find. Silver requires the Pickaxe to be crafted from the Incantation cauldron, and can be found throughout the world on ore deposits. Simply interact with each one to get three silver.

The rest of the materials require you to beat some tough enemies. There are some slight spoilers below for bosses.

Defeating Hecate every time will drop some Cinder, while Brozne can be found above ground. To get above ground you will need to craft a number of Incantations to remove the witch seals and then allow you to survive up there. These options will naturally present themselves to you once you reach the third area in the game.

Coincidentally, the third area, the Fields of Mourning is also where you can find Glass Rock.

To find all of these much easier be sure to get the Reagent Sensing Incantation, which will illuminate trails towards them when you are in an area with materials to grab.

Hades 2 Weapons: The Incantations Cauldron can be seen with the buff.
Credit: Supergiant Games

If you hadn’t found all of these before reading through the article, you aren’t the only one. The game has exceeded the player count of the original on Steam in early access, so a lot of other people have been struggling to find the items to buy these weapons.

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