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Alexx A-Game, Who Plays Peter Tosh, Addresses Cut Scenes In ‘Bob Marley: One Love’

February 18th, 2024

Alexx A-Game, the Jamaican artist cast as Reggae legend Peter Tosh in Paramount Pictures’ Bob Marley: One Love, has urged fans to support the biopic even though his scenes were ultimately removed from the final cut.

While initially disappointed, Alexx told DancehallMag that he quickly found value in the experience and the connections he made during production.

“At first, I was very disappointed but that didn’t last long for two main reasons,” he began. “One, the time and experience I had working on this film, being a part of this greatness and also the relationships I formed were so life changing that I don’t think there’s much that could overwrite the positive effects that it has had on my life and career. Two, I’ve overcome so much adversity that it’s like a sport for me now. I’m built for this game.”

The biopic focuses on Bob Marley‘s life from 1976 to 1978, a period after Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer had left the band due to grievances over label treatment and ideological differences. This led Marley to continue with a new lineup, including the I-Threes.

Ziggy Marley, co-producer of the film, explained to Billboard that certain scenes, including a “fight” during the Wailers’ breakup, did not make the final cut because they did not fit the vision for the film.

He hinted that some of those deleted scenes might appear in an extended version later.

Ziggy Marley

“Sometimes you have some really good stuff that you have to leave out because what the movie is becoming, it doesn’t fit into it. So, we had some really cool scenes that we didn’t put in the film because it just never worked in the architect… like, that block never worked in that position,” Ziggy reasoned.

“There’s a few scenes… there’s young Bob coming through Trench Town, oh my God! It’s so beautiful… walking down the street meeting some of the Wailers. But, it just never fit in the thing… we’re gonna have a deleted scenes still,” he further said.

“You have a scene where the Wailers broke up… they had a fight… it jus’ neva work inna the architect. So, we’ll get that in the deleted scenes. People can see that.”

Bunny Wailer is played by his son, Abijah Livingston.

Alexx A-Game

Alexx, who dedicated seven months to preparing for the Peter Tosh role, confirmed that he was informed about the decision to remove his scenes. The artist remained tightlipped, however.

“I had conversations with the director which gave me a broad idea as to why the scenes were deleted but I feel that’s not my part to speak on publicly just yet. He did take the opportunity to remind me that I delivered stellar performances and that’s something I’m proud of,” Alexx A-Game told DancehallMag.

Reinaldo Marcus Green, Alexx A-Game

While still processing the experience, Alexx urged fans to see the film.

“There has been so much going on since the beginning of work on this film to this time that I haven’t had the chance to process everything and juggling between film and music makes that even more challenging but when I find the answer I will make it clear,” he said.

“I want my fans to go see the movie—join in the celebration of a great moment in time for our culture and stay tuned cause you’re gonna get to witness Alexx A-Game in action on your screen soon.”

Alexx’s latest track is More Life, released on January 19.

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