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Dallas Entrepreneur Bridging Wealth Gap Through Social Media Content Creation & Coaching

January 18th, 2023

Dallas, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dallas, Texas –

Chastin J. Miles, nationally known as “The Contentpreneur” demonstrates the possibilities of taking charge of modern cutting edge marketing

Real Estate Expert, Thought Leader, Public Speaker, and Author Chastin J. Miles of CJM International believes that content creation can level the playing field for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and socio-economic levels. Through his efforts on social media – in particular YouTube – Miles has become synonymous with success. His understanding of turning YouTube into a powerful ally for business owners – and the real-estate industry in particular – sets him apart in this new age of the social influencer.

Chastin J Miles Contentpreneur and Real Estate Influencer

Content platforms offer the promise of the fabled American Dream. Social networks create upward mobility and opportunity for all users. Due to the absence of physical limitations on the internet, such as local audiences, creators are able to flourish and capitalize on their individuality and the unique services they offer.

Data shows that content marketing in real estate has helped up business revenues by three times when compared to paid search. YouTube is an often neglected marketing channel despite the fact that it’s one of the most affordable and, more importantly, one of the most effective ways of generating buyer and seller leads online. Chastin J. Miles is a true American success story that begins with him quitting his full-time job and using his last paycheck to start a multi-million dollar empire.

Miles’ business endeavors have become a burgeoning success not limited to merely real estate. He has an expansive portfolio that includes startups, partnerships, advisory roles and a team of over 150 at CJM International. [1] Making exceptional use of YouTube, Miles utilizes the video platform to create content marketing initiatives, derive more qualified leads, build company reputation, and offer innovative solutions to the usual situations real estate clients find themselves in.

“If social media is that marketing channel that millions and billions of people are on, why wouldn’t I be marketing my business through social media?” said Miles.

Miles, who first struggled as a solo agent back in 2014, has been able to segue into the roles of author, speaker, as well as entrepreneur – spearheading several multi-million dollar companies. For the average real estate agent, YouTube can be used in more creative ways than just providing virtual tours, covering neighborhood insights, or happy clients. To that end, Miles coaches a number of peers – both veterans and those just starting out – to leverage the power of content creation and bridge the wealth gap. In addition, as only six percent of real estate agents and brokers in the US are black, Mr. Miles’s expertise was sought after for a recent article in the New York Times that explored the business of selling houses while black.

“If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and like you’re spinning your wheels going nowhere, and you’re ready to claim the freedom you want for your family, it’s safe to stop trying to “figure it out”, all of the information is already here, it’s just up to you to follow a leader, like myself, so you can get the same if not better results,” adds Miles.

Creators from all backgrounds are able to wield power on platforms like YouTube. Chastin Miles is just one example of making this new normal of social media work for intrepid entrepreneurs of all stripes. Miles believes that society flourishes when there is upward mobility for everyone to have progress, achieve financial security, and learn and grow.

About Chastin J Miles

Chastin J. Miles is an entrepreneur, author, and real estate agent with a proven track record of helping others get into the best position to succeed. His ‘life coach’ style has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals in life. He’s also been featured on Forbes, Essence, NBC, Fox News and The New York Times for his work as a multifaceted entrepreneur.

He believes that with the right guidance and support, anyone can turn their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality. He has dedicated his career to providing the tools and resources necessary for individuals to not only achieve their goals, but to exceed them. Whether through coaching, training, or simply lending a helping hand, Miles is committed to empowering others to reach their full potential.


For more information about CJM International, LLC, contact the company here:

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