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Cricket World Cup final score and updates as Rohit out for 47 but Kohli rebuilds

November 19th, 2023

Rohit Sharma gets India off to a strong start (Getty Images)

India take on Australia in the 2023 Cricket World Cup final on Sunday, in a bid to win their first major ICC global event since 2011.

Australia have historically enjoyed the most success in the tournament, and Pat Cummins’ men have reached the nations’ eighth ODI World Cup final with a hard-fought win over South Africa.

India however go into the match as firm favourites having blown away all competition throughout the tournament, they went through the nine group matches unbeaten and then in the semi-finals eased past against New Zealand, with an impressive performance with both bat and ball.

The stage is set, and it will be a major one, the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad can hold 132,000, almost all of whom will be cheering for India, which could weigh heavily on their shoulders, although they have not shown any indication of being burdened by the weight of a nation throughout the tournament so far.

Rohit Sharma and his team have a chance to write themselves into the history books, but first they will have to overcome an in-form Australia who have shown grit and determination since they lost to India in the group stages, including a memorable Glenn Maxwell-inspired victory over Afghanistan.

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India host Australia in a bid to win first major ICC trophy since 2011

  • India host Australia in the Cricket World Cup final

  • Australia beat South Africa in the semi-finals to qualify

  • India came through their semi-final against New Zealand comfortably

  • Australia win the toss and choose to bowl first

  • Wicket! Gill out for 4! ct Zampa b Starc – India 30-1

  • Wicket! Rohit out for 47! ct Head b Maxwell – India 76-2

  • Wicket! Shreyas out for 4! ct Inglis b Cummins – India 81-3

India 101-3 (16) Kohli 34, KL Rahul 10, Zampa 0-14 (3)

09:45 , Sonia Twigg

Zampa will bowl his third over here, but again it’s only singles, and it will be time for the drinks break.

India got off to a flying start, but have been pegged back since the last two wickets which fell in quick succession, especially the loss of Rohit.

India 97-3 (15) Kohli 32, KL Rahul 8, Cummins 1-11 (4)

09:40 , Sonia Twigg

Cummins will keep going, and he has bowled well so far, his first three overs went for just eight runs.

And he has not started this one any differently, two singles off the first two balls, and one not controlled from Kohli was not far away from the man at midwicket.

India 94-3 (14) Kohli 30, KL Rahul 7, Zampa 0-10 (2)

09:37 , Sonia Twigg

Zampa will bowl his second, the first two balls go for singles, but the crowd has just fallen quiet following the wickets but Kohli is at the crease and that will always encourage the home support.

There’s a brief pause for what looks like a spectator on the field, but the over will continue.

India 89-3 (13) Kohli 27, KL Rahul 5, Cummins 1-8 (3)

09:31 , Sonia Twigg

After taking a wicket in the last over, Cummins has bowled a very tight over here, just the two runs from it.

India 87-3 (12) Kohli 26, KL Rahul 4, Zampa 0-5 (1)

09:27 , Sonia Twigg

Zampa will come into the attack for the first time, after Maxwell took the crucial wicket of Rohit.

KL Rahul just knocks the ball for a single first ball. It’s easy singles but the big runs which was instigated by Rohit has just dried up slightly.

India 82-3 (11) Kohli 24, KL Rahul 1, Cummins 1-6 (2)

09:23 , Sonia Twigg

An important over from Cummins comes to an end, and India will need to rely on this duo to score a lot of the runs needed.

They have early runs on the board but there are so many overs left, and we are only just out of the powerplay.

Wicket! Shreyas out for 4! ct Inglis b Cummins – India 81-3

09:20 , Sonia Twigg

Shreyas has gone! He edged that behind, it was a good ball from Cummins and Iyer was on the back foot waiting in his crease, the ball catches the edge on the way through to Inglis, who makes no mistake.

That is a huge wicket, and India will have to rebuild.

India 80-2 (10) Kohli 23, Shreyas 4, Maxwell 1-21 (2)

09:18 , Sonia Twigg

Shreyas Iyer comes to the crease and already hits a four, but Australia have the breakthrough and it’s a crucial one.

Wicket! Rohit out for 47! ct Head b Maxwell – India 76-2

09:15 , Sonia Twigg

Maxwell has continued, and he has been hit for a big six down the ground, that went high and dropped into the stands.

He follows it up with a four, but is out next ball!

Rohit came down the pitch but didn’t quite get hold of it, Travis Head had to cover a lot of ground to take a diving catch after running backwards, that is a huge breakthrough for Australia!

India 66-1 (9) Rohit 37, Kohli 23, Cummins 0-4 (1)

09:14 , Sonia Twigg

Cummins has brought himself on to bowl, Warner had to be alert in the deep to cut off another boundary, but the captain has started well.

India 61-1 (8) Rohit 35, Kohli 21, Maxwell 0-7 (1)

09:09 , Sonia Twigg

Maxwell has been brought into the attack for the first time, he has tried to turn it but it has just come on nicely, and Rohit has put that away comfortably.

India 54-1 (7) Rohit 33, Kohli 16, Starc 1-29 (4)

09:05 , Sonia Twigg

Kohli has his first boundary from the first ball of the over from Starc.

The next ball has been nailed through backward point for another boundary, this has been a great start, and the crowd are all cheering his name.

He follows it up with another four, this time drilled through cover with expert timing.

India 40-1 (6) Rohit 32, Kohli 3, Hazlewood 0-25 (3)

09:00 , Sonia Twigg

Hazlewood has been much tighter this over, Kohli has struggled to get the ball away.

The number three clips it into the leg side but straight to Warner at midwicket.

India 37-1 (5) Rohit 31, Kohli 1, Starc 1-15 (3)

08:56 , Sonia Twigg

The wicket has not affected Rohit though, he has another six down the ground, and India – despite the wicket – are off to a flyer.

Wicket! Gill out for 4! ct Zampa b Starc – India 30-1

08:52 , Sonia Twigg

Australia have their first wicket! It was a poor shot from Gill, just shoveled to Zampa.

Starc will take that, but it’s not the wicket they want, Rohit has been the one inflicting all the damage.

India 30-0 (4) Rohit 25, Gill 4, Hazlewood 0-22 (2)

08:50 , Sonia Twigg

Rohit hits one that just bounces short of Head in the deep, it was a shorter ball from Hazlewood.

And he has his first six, that was a poor delivery from the Australian bowler, the first six of the game and he follows it up with a four along the ground straight back past the bowler.

Australia 18-0 (3) Rohit 14, Gill 3, Starc 0-8 (2)

08:44 , Sonia Twigg

Gill has edged his first ball of the innings and it has fallen just short of slip, that was not a slower ball either, the bowler can’t believe it.

Starc has tried to angle it across to Gill, and was almost rewarded, but he has tried to bowl inswingers to Rohit and try and cramp him.

Rohit has gone for a big shot, and it flies over the infield but has been stopped on the boundary by the wide third man.

India 13-0 (2) Rohit 13, Gill 0, Hazlewood 0-10 (1)

08:40 , Sonia Twigg

Australia have been on it in the field so far, they have dived to cut off runs exactly as they did in the semi-final and there was another one by Zampa the first ball of the second over.

Rohit has his first boundary, he has come down the pitch and smashed Hazlewood to the off-side that was an amazing shot.

A little bit short the next ball and it’s back to back boundaries, the next one is into the gap in the leg side.

The final ball of the over he goes for another big shot but misses it and the ball narrowly missed off stump.

India 3-0 (1) Rohit 3, Gill 0, Starc 0-3 (1)

08:35 , Sonia Twigg

After being struck on the pads first ball, Rohit has his first runs, a wide yorker from Starc is cut away and there’s a sliding stop by Head on the boundary to save two runs.

Starc kept it tight for the rest of the over, but a single off the final ball sees Rohit keep the strike for the next over.

India vs Australia

08:31 , Sonia Twigg

Rohit Sharma will face first, along with Shubman Gill and it’s time for the start of the Cricket World Cup final.

India vs Australia

08:28 , Sonia Twigg

Apparently there are just around 100 Australia fans in the 132,000 crowd, the rest will all be cheering for the home side, there has been a fly past from the India air force, and Mitchell Starc is preparing to bowl.

India vs Australia

08:27 , Sonia Twigg

The anthems are done and it’s almost time for the start, when the India team finished their anthem, a few fireworks shot into the air.

India vs Australia

08:24 , Sonia Twigg

The umpires and players are about to come out onto the field and it’s almost time for national anthems.

There is a huge cheer as Sachin Tendulkar walks out ahead of the teams.

India vs Australia

08:20 , Sonia Twigg

India captain Rohit Sharma has urged his team-mates to contain their emotions as they prepare for a home World Cup final that represents “the biggest moment” of their sporting lives.

Twelve years since their last triumph on the global stage, cricket’s superpower nation is one game away from glory as the duo battle with Australia in Ahmedabad.

Rohit Sharma highlights the importance of India’s work ethic ahead of final

India vs Australia

08:14 , Sonia Twigg

Here are some photos of the toss:



 (AP) (AP)


India vs Australia

08:12 , Sonia Twigg

Here are some photos of the team warming up ahead of play:



 (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)



 (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Australia win the toss and choose to bowl

08:06 , Sonia Twigg

Pat Cummins confirms Australia are unchanged from their semi-final and Rohit confirms he would have chosen to bat if he had won the toss.

Rohit Sharma: “It’s a dream come true to be captaining the team in the final, but there is a task in front of us.”

India are also playing the same team.

Australia win the toss and choose to bowl

08:05 , Sonia Twigg

Pat Cummins has won the toss and will bowl first: “It looks like a bit of a drier wicket, so bowl on it during the day and chase on it in the evening.

“We’ve played these guys a lot, it’s always a fantastic day and I don’t think it’ll be any different today.”

India vs Australia

08:00 , Sonia Twigg

In case you were wondering, here is what has been decided for the additional performances at the stadium:

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 finale between India and Australia on Sunday will feature performances by Dua Lipa and an aerial show by the Indian Air Force.

The high-profile match will be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium, the largest cricket stadium in the world, and will have several VIPs attending, including the Indian and Australian prime ministers.

Cricket World Cup final to include pre-game show featuring Dua Lipa and IAF flypast

India vs Australia

07:50 , Sonia Twigg

Onto the match itself, and here is a pitch report:

Hosts India will face Australia on Sunday 19 November in the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

The 48-game tournament will conclude at the 130,000-seat Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, the largest cricket stadium in the world.

Both India and Australia have had stellar performances throughout the World Cup, and the teams are now just one step away from achieving the greatest accolade in cricket.

IND v AUS: Narendra Modi Stadium pitch report, Ahmedabad weather ahead of WC final

India vs Australia

07:40 , Sonia Twigg

Turning attention towards the final, but firstly a small controversy over the late pitch-change for India’s match against the Kiwis.

A major controversy has erupted after the pitch for India’s semi-final cricket match against New Zealand in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 was changed at the last minute, dubbed by one commentator as “outrageous”.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Indian team management were accused of getting the pitch at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium changed before the match, without taking the permission of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC has come out in defence of the late switch and said such changes were “common”.

Strong remarks were made over accusations that the change favoured the Indian side. Indian commentator and former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar dismissed the accusations and said those making them were “morons” who he hoped would “just shut up”.

Why India is under fire over pitch change ahead of Cricket World Cup final

India vs Australia

07:30 , Sonia Twigg

And here’s a look back at Australia’s narrow win over South Africa:

Australia survived a determined South African resistance to secure a place in the Cricket World Cup final with a thrilling three-wicket win in a low-scoring but entertaining semi-final.

The two semi-finals could not have been more different. In Mumbai, India blew New Zealand away with their batting prowess, and dominated with skilful bowling, while both teams in Kolkata had to dig in and battle in the bowling-friendly conditions.

Australia hold their nerve against South Africa to reach Cricket World Cup final

India vs Australia

07:15 , Sonia Twigg

First, let’s take a look back at the semi-finals, starting with India:

Virat Kohli’s record-breaking innings might be remembered as the “stuff of dreams” but it was Mohammed Shami who bowled India to their first ODI World Cup final for 12 years, as they secured a 70-run victory over New Zealand.

Kohli added yet another entry next to his name in the history books when he recorded his 50th ODI century, eclipsing the great Sachin Tendulkar, who scored 49, as India put on what proved to be a match-winning total of 397.

Kohli is the record breaker but Shami bowled India to the World Cup final

India vs Australia

Friday 17 November 2023 16:04 , Sonia Twigg

Good morning and welcome to The Independent’s live blog coverage of the ICC 2023 Cricket World Cup final between India and Australia.

We will be bringing you all the news and updates from the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad ahead of the culmination of a tournament that started on October 5.

India will be looking to bring the trophy home in front of a home crowd and prevent Australia lifting the trophy for a sixth time.

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