For those who may still be holding out hope that the original G-Unit lineup will reunite in the future, Young Buck is here to dash those dreams. The rapper has been on the outs with his previous collective for some time, and his online tiffs with 50 Cent have been messily played out in front of a global audience. After weighing his options, Buck has concluded that even if a G-Unit reunion of some sort were to take place, he wouldn’t be taking part.

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“You know, I’m at a point now where I’m just focused on moving forward with my career, with my artists,” Buck told VladTV. “I got a helluva team. I got a helluva artist, a group of artists at this point, that’s making a lot of noise right now. I’ve wrote records for 50. He’s recited my lyrics, word for word. I’ve played my part with G-Unit in every kind of way as a loyal soldier, loyal brother, and everything.”

“At this point, I don’t think nothing can move forward with myself unless I’m kinda, you know, paid attention to on what’s really owed and what’s really the business is on my situation,” he continued. “If we could get past that, then I probably would consider it, but I see a lot of different pushes from Game’s manager and sh*t in regards to trying to make the Verzuz thing happen and sh*t.”

Buck said he supports the idea, but his relationship with 50 Cent and G-Unit is “a little bit deeper” than what people may understand. “I’m dealing with somebody that’s worked [tirelessly] to end my career, should I quote-unquote say,” added Buck. “It’s just a different feel when you see somebody go as hard as he’s went in regards to me. I really can’t see myself being apart of G-Unit or being involved with G-Unit at this point in no kinda way.”

As much as he’s dismissed the idea, Buck stated that he didn’t see himself working with the crew back in the day and he ended up being a member of the collective, so anything could happen. “God has his ways of doing things and Imma stay on God’s time more than anything… Anything’s possible but right now, I’m not considering it.” 

Later he added, “I’m alright. I’m alright regardless. Throughout all the bullsh*t talk and everything that they say, hey man, I’m still sitting here doing alright.” Check out the clip from his interview below.