Almost every famous Rap artist has someone in their entourage who is willing to go the distance for them. We’ve heard stories throughout the history of Hip Hop and Rap of people who have done bids for or taken hits on behalf of a celebrity, but if you ask YK Osiris, that’s not a boss move. The R&B singer recently shared a few thoughts about “bosses” who surround themselves with plenty of people who are dedicated to their cause without elevating those same individuals into licensed, credible positions.

Andrew Toth / Stringer / Getty Images

“I’m talking to all my bosses out there that feel like they’re bosses, I’m talking to just y’all,” said Osiris. “If you got n*ggas ’round you that you thought that will shoot for you, kill for you, got to jail for you, you’re selfish!” The singer argued that those “bosses” should put the people around them in positions to elevate, not take the fall.

“To progress, to succeed with you, not be a liability to them and your organization. You’re selfish,” Osiris continued. “A lot of y’all have n*ggas ’round you that be liabilities and that’s not cool. How you gonna explain to they mother? How you gonna explain to they lawyer when they need lawyer fees? That’s why you be licensed and you put them in a position on a real job and not be just running around with you.”

Do you agree with YK Osiris or is he off base? Check out his video below.