Wendy Williams says her ex-husband Kevin Hunter was a “serial cheater” and that he was sleeping with other women while she was pregnant with their son.

Lars Niki / Getty Images

“Kevin cheated on me while I was pregnant with my son,” she told Extra’s Billy Bush.

She added that she didn’t want to divorce him at the time because of their son, Kevin Hunter Jr.: “I didn’t want him to leave me by myself.”

Williams and Hunter married in 1997 and remained together until April 2019. Their divorce was finalized in January 2020. Hunter Jr. was born in 2000.

“Kevin was a serial cheater. Kevin had different mistresses. This last one was the one he had the longest term relationship with,” Williams added, referring to Sharina Hudson.

All-in-all, Williams says she still doesn’t regret her time with Hunter, and that they still talk occasionally, as he is the father of her son: “I don’t regret falling in love with Kevin… and I definitely don’t regret getting the best divorce attorney I could… and fighting tooth and nail to get everything out of that divorce,” she said. “He calls from time to time. I don’t block his number, though. He’s my son’s father … He came to my mother’s funeral.”