Waka Flocka Flame gets into hot water for his takes on social media all the time, and he seems to be continuing that legacy coming into the year. This time, Waka finds himself being flamed by liberals online after he agreed with Keri Hilson’s take on Trump’s social media banning. Hilson, in a social media post, suggested that freedom of speech is being violated. The first amendment, which pertains to freedom of the press and freedom of speech, has been thrown into the conversation when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram putting bans on the president after riots at the capital led to a mob breaking into Capitol Hill. 

Hilson has supported conspiracy theories linking coronavirus to 5G, and she is also an anti-vaxxer. However, her take on 1A is a little less controversial. Although Donald Trump’s ban may not be a popular topic, it is widely agreed across party lines that the “tech bros” have too much power. Waka hopped into the comment section of Hilson’s post and wrote, “Someone’s smart.” Those two words caused a fallout, with numerous accounts dragging the rapper for agreeing with Hilson.