Just prior to New Year’s Eve, Tyrese and his wife Samantha Gibson announced that they would be getting a divorce. News regarding the surprising split was shared on each of their individual Instagram pages, but it seemed as if Tyrese was hoping for a reconciliation. Immediately following the announcement, the actor penned a lengthy comment under his wife’s post that alluded to him hoping that they could reunite in the future, but soon, there was more news about Samantha alleging that the actor locked her out of their home.

Daniel Zuchnik / Stringer / Getty Images

There seems to still be hope on the horizon for the Fast & Furious star as he commented on Kirk and Tammy Franklin’s anniversary post. The award-winning Christian musician and his wife are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, and it’s a milestone that not many have been able to make. After sharing a series of photos, Tyrese appeared in the comment section to one where he made a plea for the resolution of his marriage.

“Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!!” the multihyphenate actor wrote. “Magic Magic and more magic….. Dear Samantha this was supposed to be us…. remember the franklins was our marriage GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling smiling……. I’m gonna get her back watch me! [ I think ].”

While there wasn’t anything wrong with the gesture, some criticized the public display of affection, and soon, Tyrese became a trending topic. Check out the post, comment, and a few responses below.

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