We’re just days away from President Elect-Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris officially entering into the White House, and the transition of power has been contentious. It’s being reported that President Donald Trump will not be attending Biden’s inauguration on January 20 after a months-long battle against America’s presidential election results. On Monday (January 18), reports surfaced that Melania Trump would break tradition and wouldn’t be giving Dr. Jill Biden a tour of the White House as other First Wives have done in the past. Melania will be the first modern First Lady to make such a controversial move.

Mark Wilson / Staff / Getty Images

According to CNN, neither Donald nor Melania will meet with the incoming First Family to help with the transition, and instead, Melania has penned a letter about the renovations and restorations she oversaw while her husband held office. The Trump’s have faced criticism since before the president even took office, but this move found them on the receiving end of accusations that their exit is “classless.” The word soon became a trending topic on Twitter as global citizens came down on America’s leader.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reports that following Trump’s ban from Twitter, along with a few of his allies, there was a 73 percent drop in misinformation being shared on the microblogging site. Check out a few responses about the Trumps below.