James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant are now teammates after Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday in a deal that sent a plethora of picks to the Houston Rockets. This deal is sure to shake up the entire NBA and many feel like the Lakers finally have a formidable foe that could potentially defeat them in the NBA Finals. For now, it remains to be seen whether or not this trio of players will work although many are optimistic about what’s to come.

Among those optimists is Travis Scott, who is a huge Houston Rockets and James Harden fan. Instead of feeling betrayed, Scott is excited about the Nets’ roster, noting that he has three friends on the same team. While taking to Twitter, Travis noted just how wild this new Big Three is.

“It’s crazy 3 of the homies really bout to get buckets in da same damn jersey,” Scott said.

Travis and Nets fans everywhere have every right to be excited as this is the best roster (on paper) this team has ever had. If they can manage to find some chemistry, there is no reason why they can’t win a championship.

Give your predictions for this Nets team, in the comments below.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for McDonald’s