Tech N9ne is a legend in the game, with some going so far as to reserve a spot for the Kansas City rapper in their top ten lists. Having built up an incredible empire throughout his twenty-five years in his game, Tech’s legacy tends to speak for itself. Fans of the Strange Music mogul can attest to his repertoire, with beloved albums like Anghellic, Absolute Power, Everready: The Religion, KOD, and more being held in high esteem to this day.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Now, Tech has taken a moment to share a wholesome DM exchange between himself and a fellow Kansas City icon — none other than Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “This past Tuesday! Just wanted to send some L9ve and MOTIVATION!,” captions Tech, sharing a screenshot of his exchange with the Super Bowl winner. “When people ask me about your skill, all over the world I respond the same and say ‘I L9VE HIS STYLE CAUSE HE’S FEAR-LESS!” wrote Tech, sliding into Mahomes’ DMs. “He ain’t trippin on who’s comin cause he’s just GOIN! L9VE bruh bruh!”

Evidently, the kind words were well recieved by Mahomes, who made sure to return the kindness before the night wrapped up. “Appreciate it you my man!” responded Mahomes, who recently helped steer the Chiefs to another dance in Super Bowl LV. Now, he’s set to go against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a match that you already know Tech N9ne will be watching. Look for that to unfold on February 7, 2021, and sound off if you think the Chiefs will be bumping some Tech N9ne classics in the locker room.