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Stephen A. Smith Responds To Anthony Davis Backlash

May 11th, 2023

Stephen A. Smith is someone who has certainly angered people with his commentary. Overall, he is paid millions of dollars to be a provocateur of sorts. However, not everyone appreciates when he criticizes a player or clowns them for their performance. Although, there are instances when the fans at home watching have legitimate gripes with what he is saying. Today, we saw that as he took to First Take and began joking with Jay Williams about Anthony Davis’ potential concussion.

For those who don’t know, Davis was elbowed by Kevon Looney. The hit was so hard that Davis left the game. Subsequently, he was taken off in a wheelchair. Overall, it was a scary incident that had many fearing for AD’s health. Although he is likely to play in Game 6, it was still pretty bad. However, many felt that Smith’s commentary was distasteful. There was plenty of backlash online, and now, Smith is responding. Instead of getting defensive, Stephen A. apologized and noted that what he did was wrong.

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Stephen A. Responds

“Blow back is Blow back. Comes with the territory, peeps,” Stephen A. said. “I was in no way minimizing the seriousness of a concussion. I was questioning whether Anthony Davis really had one, considering the play I saw & other hits I’ve seen him absorb. But, bottom line, it was wrong for me to do. Period! My bad.” Most of the time, the First Take host is completely unapologetic about this stuff. However, this instance seemed to be of a greater magnitude, and he understood that. As for Jay Williams, he has yet to respond to what took place. Whether or not he will remains to be seen.

His Original Comments

As for the whole Lakers Vs. Warriors series, the Lakers currently have a 3-2 lead. However, as the Corgi predicted, this series could very well end up going the distance. The Warriors seem hungry, and the Lakers are going to need to want it if they hope to make the Conference Finals. Having AD will certainly help the Lakers in that effort. Let us know what you thought of the Smith and Williams comments, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the sports world.

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