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Skip Bayless Uses Bronny’s Talents To Roast LeBron James

March 29th, 2023

Skip Bayless is someone who is known for being an absolute troll. One could certainly liken what he does to performance art. Overall, he goes into each episode of Undisputed with an agenda. Moreover, he masks it as some sort of “debate” that has any real substance. While these may feel like slights, we will be the first ones to admit that it is incredibly entertaining. This is especially true when you add Shannon Sharpe into the mix. They are a great team that makes each weekday more fun.

That said, if you know anything about Skip Bayless, it is that he loves to rip on LeBron James. Although some find this to be annoying, there is no doubt that it has gotten Skip to where he is now. Whenever there is an opportunity to get a joke off about the Lakers star, you can be sure that he is going to do it. On Tuesday night, that is exactly what happened as Bronny James Jr. was lighting it up at the McDonald’s All-American game. Bronny was so good that it inspired Bayless to roast LeBron in typical Skip fashion.

Skip Bayless Gets His Jokes Off

“Bronny is lighting it up from long range in the McDonald’s Game,” Skip began. “Obviously a purer and better shooter than his dad.” This was a completely unnecessary comment, although when you consider who it is coming from, you cannot be surprised. This has been Skip’s raison d’etre for a very long time. However, it’s like being mad at a dog for eating the steak off of the dinner table. If you leave him alone, he’s going to do it. It’s the same with Skip, If you give him an opportunity to hate, he is going to take it.

As for Bronny, his 15-point performance certainly had scouts gushing about his potential. It seems pretty obvious at this point that he will be a top-10 pick. Additionally, the promise of LeBron following him around the league makes him that much more attractive to prospective teams. Let us know what you thought of Bronny’s performance, in the comments down below.

Bronny Highlights

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