Sen. Rand Paul says that President Joe Biden “hates Black teenagers” because he wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Pool / Getty Images

“And the people who lose their jobs first when you hike up the minimum wage are Black teenagers,” Paul told Sean Hannity on Fox News, Friday. “So, you know, ‘why does Joe Biden hate Black teenagers’ should be the question. Why does Joe Biden want to destroy all these jobs?”

He went on to claim that 4 million people will lose their jobs if workers receive a living wage. This point has been disputed by

Paul also condemned congressional Democrats for moving forward with the impeachment of former President Donald Trump:

If they’re going to impeach people who incite violence, I have a question. Are they going to impeach (Sen.) Bernie Sanders? You remember the guy who shot Steve Scalise … the guy was a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter, and you remember what Democrats were saying at the time.

“They were saying, Republicans’ health care plan is: You get sick, and then you die. That sounds like an incitement if you’re telling people that the Republican Party is going to kill you.

Trump’s impeachment trial will be held in February.