What happens at Renzel Manor stays at Renzel Manor, unless of course the gracious host decides to share images on his Instagram page. Today, Rick Ross took a moment to highlight a recent hangout with Diddy, and given that the pair’s collective boss level is gargantuan in scale, you already know that they engaged in some degree of opulent activity.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Though it’s unclear as to what matter of mogul talk transpired — or whether DJ Khaled was involved, be it on FaceTime, Zoom, or simply yelling motivational slogans through the window — it’s evident that Rick Ross and Diddy have been steadily plotting and scheming. And with any good plotting and scheming session comes at least one or two photo ops. For this one, Rozay and Diddy decided to post up on the cascading stairwell, adorned with a rich red velvet carpet. Adding to the royal motif is an armed Diddy, bearing a medieval sword with a warrior’s patient poise.

Without context, the imagination is forced to run wild. Yet one thing is clear. Rick Ross and Diddy exemplify the high life, two bosses who are, by all counts, richer than they’ve ever been. Check out the picture below, and be sure to show some love to some hip-hop moguls in their natural habitat. And who knows — maybe we’ll see Puff on his ad-lib game when Rick Ross drops his new album, vocals you already know were laced with blade firmly in hand.