For people who have been keeping up with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, you’ll remember the infamous moment when Ray J shoved Princess Love and she fell into a pool. At the time, the couple was dating and Princess had grown increasingly frustrated with her boyfriend’s partying antics. Their on-again-off-again relationship was taking a toll, so they decided to have a nice dinner for two, set next to a pool. An argument escalated and in the end, Ray gave his girlfriend a push that sent her swimming.

Emma McIntyre / Stringer / Getty Images

On a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Unlocked, Ray J and Princess revisited their unfortunate moment. “That was my karma though because I was upset because I feel like he set me up and I tried to push him in so, that was my karma,” said Princess. The reality star was asked what she meant by feeling set up, and Princess explained that she felt as if the singer was initially nice to her to get in her good graces before showing his other side.

The current status of their marriage remains unclear as they’ve gone back and forth with divorce proceedings and Ray J was reportedly seen kissing a Bad Girls Club star. Check out the clip from Love & Hip Hop Unlocked to hear Princess explain her karma and to see the moment Ray dodged getting himself dunked.