Expectant mother Summer Walker is letting it be known that men don’t have it as difficult as they think. The Over It singer is pregnant with her first child, a bundle of joy she shares with London On Da Track, and Summer has been patiently awaiting the arrival of their firstborn together. On Instagram, it looks as if Walker had some time to reflect on gender roles and she surmised that much of the time, women may have more to handle than their male counterparts.

“N*ggas really be thinking being pregnant is a walk in the park,” wrote the singer on her Instagram Story. “Lol I swear n*ggas have it so easy, they ain’t gotta cook clean look good or birth no babies. all they gotta do is provide and now women self sufficient af so they barley gotta do that.” She added, “And they ain’t got no monthly periods.. ain’t really gotta worry  bout getting raped or kidnapped like dame being a n*gga is so eaaaassyyy.”

Some men didn’t think that her assessment was fair and they made sure to let Summer know, but the singer seemed steadfast. This is a follow-up to her “broken men” post that also caused a stir. Check out her post below.