Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea‘s public Christmas Day feud over his choice to attend his Whole Lotta Red release party over spending the holiday with baby Onyx was the most insight either one of the artists had ever given into their relationship. They notoriously kept their son’s identity a secret and Iggy pledged to keep him out of the public eye before their break-up. In a new part of Adam22’s VladTV interview, the No Jumper podcast host is giving his take on why Iggy was pushed to her breaking point right before the release of WLR 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Vlad begins the conversation by asking the podcast host why he accused Iggy of sabotaging Carti’s album release. He explained she had been pretty quiet through the course of their relationship, but “essentially waited until the eve of Whole Lotta Red to unleash her actual opinions about him as a father.” 

The interviewer then goes on to suggest that Iggy moved to the United States from Australia to get an authentic hip-hop experience, doing just that when she got pregnant by one of the biggest rappers out there “six years her junior,” before questioning how Iggy could be shocked by it

A bit more sympathetic towards the “Fancy” rapper, Adam22 said, “To be fair, the scenario she was describing did sound f*cking crazy if he was really at her house the night before telling her they were going on this family vacation and all this shit and then right at the end choose an album release party…I feel for her.” He later explained, “I feel like she was a woman who had been pushed to her very last strain of sanity.”

Listen to the full conversation with the podcast host above.