Patrick Mahomes went down with an injury on Sunday during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Divisional Round matchup against the Cleveland Browns. Despite the unfortunate incident, the Chiefs were still able to win the game and advance themselves to the AFC Championship Game, where they will get to play against the Buffalo Bills in what should be a game for the ages. 

With the game just seven days away, fans are anxious about Mahomes’ status, and as it stands, it’s looking likely that Mahomes will be ready to go. According to Carrington Harrison of CBS Sports, Mahomes didn’t sustain a concussion. Instead, he tweaked a nerve in his neck which is what led to his immediate concussion-like symptoms. 

“Patrick passed all of his tests last night. He didn’t actually hit his head, there was a nerve in his neck that got tweaked that made him out of it,” Harrington’s source said. “He’s getting testing done on his neck/nerve today but did clear all tests last night.”

This should come as good news for Chiefs fans as it means Mahomes won’t have to undergo the stressful recovery process that comes with a concussion. Regardless, there has yet to be a guarantee that he’ll be back on Sunday, so keep it locked to HNHH as we will be sure to bring you those details.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images