As the FBI sweeps America in its quest to arrest and charge those involved in the insurrection on Capitol Hill continues, the hashtag “#NoFlyLists” gains steam. Thousands of people visited America’s capital on January 6 to participate in President Donald Trump’s “Stop The Steal” rally, and after it was said and done, most of the mob made their way through security barriers, intimidating security, and attempted to take over the Capitol while Congress was in office. Some were armed with weapons, zip ties, and pipe bombs as they wanted to disrupt the certification of President-Elect Joe Biden after an election that Trump convinced them was “stolen.”

Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty Images

When the dust settled and rioters were kicked out, traveling participants found it difficult to return home. Many were able to fly under the radar and make it to their destinations without incident, but others were identified at nearby airports and were either kicked off their flights or not allowed to board. Others found themselves shocked when federal authorities were waiting to arrest them upon landing.

Soon, videos of pro-Trump supporters crying and lamenting over being called domestic terrorists surfaced on social media. Many MAGA allies have been placed on No-Fly Lists across airlines and in video clips, they are adamant that they are patriots. The “#NoFlyLists” hashtag remained a trending topic throughout the day (January 11) as the public vocalized that they couldn’t get enough of watching people act out.

We’ve pulled a few videos so you can check out people reacting to being denied from flying on airlines below.