MF DOOM’s birthday, which was widely believed to be on January 9th, is actually July 13th, according to Madlib’s manager, Eothen Alapatt.

Peter Kramer / Getty Images

Doubt surrounding the late rapper’s date of birth began with a thread on Reddit which referenced his appearance during a US Senate hearing on voter registration on May 28th, 1991. At the hearing, DOOM claimed to be 19-years-old, which would contradict with a January birthday. Users in the thread also found a 1998 arrest in Baltimore which listed the rap legend’s date of birth as July 13th, 1971.

Okayplayer reached out to Alapatt for clarification, to which he replied:

No, I don’t think today is his birthday. He always wished me happy birthday on July 12th and I always wished him happy birthday on July 13th. Unless he was just not correcting me or lying to me, that’s when I know his birthday to be. He also seemed more like a Cancer than a Capricorn, and his and Otis’s chemistry had that Cancer/Scorpio thing to it too. 

Stones Throw Records also clarified DOOM’s birthday on Twitter while replying to the New York Knicks: “This is cool to see from the Knicks. Hope they do it again on DOOM’s birthday, July 13.”