As one of the game’s most innovative and respected producers working today, Metro Boomin‘s word carries no shortage of weight. In fact, it stands to reason that many artists would benefit from attending a studio session or two with the Savage Mode instrumentalist. Yet should they indeed be lucky enough to find themselves in his laboratory, they would be wise to obey some of Metro’s golden rules. He recently shared a glimpse at the warning sign on his Instagram story, detailing some of the biggest studio fouls to his fans and followers.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

For the most part, Metro’s rules are simple enough — at least in theory. “No social media,” reads the first, a difficult challenge for rappers in this day and age. Yet a worthy sacrifice, should a Metro Boomin collaboration be the prize. Second is “No Trash Beats,” another toughie, especially for aspiring producers who find themselves in Metro’s presence. Should one indeed get that far only to fumble the bag by queuing up some trash, a smooth recovery is no easy feat.

Last but not least is “No Sus Shit,” a rule that’s a little more ambiguous in nature. Yet it’s likely that those enforcing the rules will know it when they see it, and don’t be surprised to see them pulling any punches in their assessments. Even the visually-impaired aren’t immune to Metro’s golden rules, as he’s made sure to include a braille translation for good measure. In addition to the big three, Metro also made sure to outlaw cell phones, frivolous jamming, cameras, and something that may or may not be running — the final sin is unclear. Check them out for yourself below, and see how they compare to TDE’s studio rules right here