Though marijuana hasn’t been legalized across the United States of America, it’s feeling like an inevitability at this point. As such, many in the hip-hop community have already mobilized accordingly, with legendary rappers stepping up to launch new Cannabis brands. In early December of 2019, Lil Wayne announced his own brand GKUA Ultra Premiumteasing that the “Hollygrove” strain will feature the highest level of THC available. “I used to just want to get high, now I smoke to get inspired,” explained Weezy, via press release. “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.”

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Following the announcement, GKUA went on to launch in both California and Michigan. Now, the reach is set to be extended as the Premium strain makes its way to Colorado, where it will be officially released to dispensaries on January 27th. Prior to the big launch, Wayne will be connecting with Young Money‘s Lil Twist for a “virtual kickoff” event set to take place tomorrow, January 26th, at 4PM MT. Interested parties tuning in with catch exclusive comments from growers, special guests, and more. 

“GKUA is about inspiring people, it’s about a feeling,” says Weezy, about continuing to expand his growing Cannabis network. “Now Colorado will get to experience the quality and potency of that GKUA.” For Colorado residents eager to sample Weezy’s strain, be sure to check out his official “Weezy Weed Finder” right here to peep the available dispensaries. For those who have already sampled Lil Wayne‘s GKUA, sound off in the comments with your first-hand experience.