Lil Uzi Vert went from being stymied by his label, an issue that prevented him from releasing new music during a time when his popularity was at an “XO Tour Life”-driven high. Last year, however, the floodgates opened in a major way, with Uzi releasing Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert Vs The World 2, and the Future-assisted Pluto x Baby Pluto. Now, Uzi has shown that he’s ready, willing, and able to keep the momentum rolling with even more new music in 2021, taking to Instagram to showcase what he’s been cooking up in the studio.

 Gary Miller/Getty Images

As he tends to do, Uzi shared a snippet of an upcoming track on Instagram Live, though the sound quality admittedly leaves a lot to be desired. Still, it’s evident that Lil Uzi Vert has been feeling lively in the booth, as this untitled banger seems to be driven by uninhibited energy. From the sound of it, the beat also features a slightly melancholic piano loop, as well as the repeated refrain of “SUS, REAL, HA.” On that note, what he’s talking about remains as of yet unclear — though don’t be surprised to see him elaborating when the full drop lands.

Speaking of which, it seems likely that Lil Uzi Vert will be releasing a new project at some point this year — a likely conclusion given how generous he has been with these infinite snippets. Check out the latest one below, as captured by Akademiks, and sound off if you’re interested in hearing another new album from Uzi this year.