As Lil Baby quietly plots his 2021 takeover, the rapper has stepped back from social media. The My Turn artist closed out 2020 on a rough note after a scandal involving an adult actress permeated social media, and after that scandal faded away, Baby announced he was taking a break from online antics. Earlier today, the rapper resurfaced in an interview with NME where he talked about his beginning in the rap game and how instrumental Young Thug was in his success.

“I was in the neighborhood and he was like, ‘What you doing in the neighborhood?’ I was like, ‘You already know what I’m doing’,” Baby said. “So he was like, ‘Okay, how much money are you gonna make today?’ I was probably going to make like $7K, maybe $10K. He just went, ‘I’ll give you that – just go to the studio.’ Sh*t went like that.”

While many rappers will state that they knew from Day One that they would top the charts, Lil Baby certainly wasn’t convinced of his own success. “I definitely didn’t see it,” he said, adding that Thugger knew Baby would be a star. “Even if I thought I was going to be a big rapper and blow up, I could never imagine it would be at this level. [Young Thug’s success] definitely inspired me but I never thought that if it could happen for him then it could happen for me. I just went and did it.”

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Elsewhere, Lil Baby also spoke about Kanye West saying that the Atlanta rapper wouldn’t jump on a song with him. Baby told NME that he immediately resolved that situation. “[After the tweets] I tried to reach out to him,” said the rapper. “I got his number to give each other a direct line then he sent me on a jet to Wyoming – and the rest is history.”