Yesterday, Shaq became a trending topic on Twitter after he asked Donovan Mitchell a disrespectful question. Essentially, Shaq told Mitchell directly that he doesn’t think he can reach the next level, and Shaq wanted to know what Mitchell had to say about that. Mitchell felt pretty awkward at the time although he immediately made sure to let Shaq know that he has been proving people wrong his whole career and he doesn’t care for the negative opinions.

On a recent Instagram post from cuffsthelegend, LeBron James and Kevin Durant both commented on the Shaq and Mitchell situation, noting that oldheads have been incredibly disrespectful to the younger players over the years. As you can see, LeBron was much more diplomatic, while KD urged the older players to just shut up.

“There’s a difference between constructive criticism and soft hating,” LeBron wrote. “You can hear it in their delivery.” As for KD, he simply said “Them old heads need to go enjoy retirement. These boys have coaches they work with everyday lol.”

LeBron and KD have certainly had to deal with a lot of hate over the years and you can tell they just want to protect the next generation, while also encouraging young superstars to continue being great. Hopefully, they keep similar energy when they retire.

Jason Miller/Getty Images