Lana Del Rey shared the official artwork and tracklist for her upcoming album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club, Sunday, but she is being criticized for comments she made regarding the cover art.

Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images

The since-deleted comments speak on the women of color shown in the album art and her “extremely inclusive” approach to diversity:

My beautiful friend Valerie from Del Rio Mexico, my dearest friend Alex and my gorgeous friend Dakota Rain as well as my sweetheart Tatiana. these are my friends this is my life. We are all a beautiful mix of everything- some more than others which is visible and celebrated in everything I do.

In 11 years working I have always been extremely inclusive without even trying to. My best friends are rappers my boyfriends have been rappers. My dearest friends have been from all over the place, so before you make comments again about a WOC/POC issue, I’m not the one storming the capital, I’m literally changing the world by putting my life and thoughts and love out there on the table 24 seven. Respect it.

“Comes off angry also, she equated rappers to black people which was ……racist,” one user tweeted in response to the comments.

It’s possible these comments could have flown under the radar, but Del Rey has a history of making controversial statements regarding other artists music industry.