Kyrie Irving has been a huge topic of conversation over the last week as he has missed some time with the Brooklyn Nets for unknown reasons. After reportedly being out for personal reasons, Irving was spotted without a mask at an indoor party, which led to an investigation from the NBA. Many blasted Kyrie for his conduct, including Stephen A. Smith who claimed that Kyrie should retire as he doesn’t seem to care about basketball.

Now, it seems as though Kyrie is ready to return to the team, especially in light of the James Harden trade which has turned the Nets into an undeniable powerhouse. According to Malika Andrews of ESPN, Kyrie has undergone a five-day quarantine and will return to the court on Saturday. 

While this is good news for Nets fans, it will come at a personal cost to Irving who now has to pay a $50,000 fine for violating the NBA’s COVID-19 policy. This certainly isn’t ideal for the star although it’s an indication that the league is very serious about keeping its players safe during these difficult times.

When Kyrie returns to the court, he will be up against the Orlando Magic, and we’re sure fans are excited to see what kind of effort he will put forward.

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images