When Kobe Bryant passed away almost a year ago, fans began looking for an abundance of merchandise and memorabilia from Kobe’s playing career. With this new demand in mind, prices jumped into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with collectors tripping over themselves for the chance to buy something relating to Kobe. While jerseys, pieces of courts, and even basketballs have been sold, now one of his cars is hitting the auction block.

According to TMZ, Goldin Auctions just received a 1963 Chevy Impala which was actually customized by West Coast Customs in 2006. The car was given the “Pimp My Ride” treatment and then gifted to Kobe by his wife Vanessa, for Christmas. In 2013, Kobe gave the car up, where it was then auctioned by Barrett-Jackson.

The new seller could stand to make quite a bit of money from the car as some bidders have already tried to acquire the vehicle for six figures. In TMZ’s report, it was revealed that the car could be sold for as much as $250K, which is a massive price tag although, considering the sentimental value, as well as the various customizations that were made to the car, the final price tag will be well worth it.

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Ronald Cortes/Getty Images