The aftermath of the violent rioting that ensued at the Capitol building last week has been quick and extreme. The FBI has already begun a rampant search to find individuals responsible for participating in the rioting, with a number of individuals already being charged in federal courts. In addition to the pro-Trump supporters responsible for the rioting facing consequences for their actions, lame-duck president Donald Trump is also currently in the process of being impeached after lawmakers suggested the former socialite was responsible for the violence. In light of all this, Kamala Harris and her family are still finding a way to laugh through all of this by making light-hearted jokes about Trump’s fate via TikTok.  

Handout/DNCC via Getty Images

“Auntie, auntie,” said the incoming Vice President’s niece Meena Harris. “I got you a gift,” she said after getting Kamala’s attention. “Im-peach-mints,” said Meena while handing her aunt peach-flavored mints. Both Kamala and Meena let out huge laughs before the TikTok cuts off. The reel has reached over 12 million likes on the popular video-sharing social network.   

Meena, who is a lawyer, is the 36-year-old daughter of Kamala’s younger sister Maya Harris. Check out the TikTok featuring America’s incoming vice president below.