In November 2020, 28-year-old writer and singer Raegan Sealy shared a blog post where she claimed she was sexually assaulted by former prosecutor and famed criminal justice reform advocate, Adam John Foss. Sealy reportedly stated that she was allegedly sexually assaulted in Foss’s hotel room and later, in a statement to the Boston Globe, she claimed that other women had come forward to share their stories.

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Immediately following the allegations, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office launched an investigation into the matter, and while that is ongoing, John Legend has come forward to publicly denounce his relationship with the disgraced attorney. “In 2015 we (@freeamerica
, @tystiklorius and I) helped elevate Adam John Foss and the concept of progressive prosecutors,” Legend tweeted on Tuesday (January 12). “I later learned that he used his platform to harm women.”

“He used my name and association to gain credibility, and while we are committed to a world where people’s lives aren’t defined by their mistakes, it’s unacceptable to use one’s power and influence to harm women,” added Legend. “We are so sorry to all of the women he has harmed.”

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It doesn’t look as if Foss has publicly responded to the allegations against him, nor has he addressed Legend’s tweets. The 2016 TED Talk participant’s social media pages haven’t been updated since mid-November. Check out a few posts below.