If you’re a big college basketball fan, then you certainly remember Jimmer Fredette. While in college, Fredette was a scoring machine who could launch three-pointers at will. He was unstoppable at times although there were big questions about whether or not he was good enough to excel at the professional level. Upon entering the NBA, Fredette was bounced around quite a bit before he ultimately decided to go overseas.

In 2019, he returned to the NBA for a short stint with the Phoenix Suns although, in the end, he found himself back in the Chinese Basketball Association playing for the Shanghai Sharks. Well, last night, Fredette absolutely exploded for the Sharks as he scored 70 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists. In the highlights below, Fredette showcases those same abilities we all got to see during his college years.

At this point, Fredette seems comfortable with his status as a player in the Chinese Basketball Association. He is one of the league’s top guys and he can make much more money over there than he ever would in the NBA. Players like Lance Stephenson and Jeremy Lin have also gone to China over the past year and they have seen plenty of success as well.

Fredette scored 75 points in a CBA game three years ago, so perhaps, later on, this season, he will be able to finally break his old personal record.

Al Bello/Getty Images