There’s really nothing Jay-Z can’t do. After dabbling into the alcohol market with his own cognac brand D’ussé, his own streaming service Tidal, and his own clothing line Rocawear. While the exaggerated internet meme of choosing dinner with Jay-Z over $20,000 may be just jokes, there’s no denying that there’s certainly a lot to learn from the hip-hop mogul. As part of his latest venture into the cannabis industry with his MONOGRAM brand. Intended to become the premier brand for smokers everywhere, the company debuted its High Tales series last week, bringing funny weed-infused stories from your favorite pop cultural figures. 

Last week, Jadakiss appeared on the show to share a funny smoking story from a session with Snoop Dogg. This week, rapper and host of the Drink Champs podcast N.O.R.E. stepped up for the second episode of High Tales, who explained his relationship with the green and its impact on his creativity. 

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT

“Smoking cannabis is a part of my everyday life,” shared N.O.R.E. during the short-format video. “It’s a medicinal plant that can spark ideas and conversation that drive progress forward, artistically and otherwise. Adult-use has been incorrectly stigmatized for so long, when in reality, we all have a relationship with weed. High Tales puts a spotlight on just how common recreational use is by giving a peek behind the curtain of the most genius, hilarious and inspiring minds of today.”

Check out N.O.R.E.’s episode for the series above, and be sure to also check out Jadakiss‘ episode below as well.