Jay Critch had all of the potential in the world to become one of the brightest young stars out of Brooklyn. But following the release of Hood Favorite, it felt as if that buzz that he built up alongside Rich The Kid and Famous Dex was slowly dwindling. Critch is arguably the most technically skilled rapper on the roster. It can also be argued that he made the most exciting music on the label, so what went wrong?

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

It appears that Rich The Kid isn’t as great of a boss as he claims. Critch hit the ‘Gram where he said there’s a lack of trust in his working relationship with Rich The Kid and Rich Forever, claiming that the “So Heartless” rapper is no better than the lawyers at the major labels. “Some of these rap n***as is just like the lawyers at the label. Don’t trust them. If y’all want new music, go tell them FREE CRITCH,” he wrote on his IG Story, adding, “Hoe ass n***as.”

There’s a difficulty in maintaining pressure on the rap game as an artist while balancing the role of a CEO. Rich The Kid‘s recent claims of owning his own masters and being your own boss was meant to be inspiring but it does come at a cost. In the case of Rich Forever, it appears to be Jay Critch’s career.

“Stop lettin’ these n***as cap about owning masters n shit they trying hold n***as in bum ass deals. N***as be ya ‘brother’ until business come up then it’s all this lawyer talk contract talk. Not real n***a shit,” he continued in a separate post. 

He concluded with an obvious claim but one that he needed to make clear. “I am not rich forever. That shit been a dub,” he added.

Around the same time Jay Critch posted this, Rich The Kid took to his story with a simple message: loyalty over royalty. 

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