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Janelle Monáe Called A “Hypocrite” Amid Topless Era

May 27th, 2023

Janelle Monáe has gotten some heat on social media lately, after comments she made during a 2013 interview with Essence resurfaced. When asked about her style during the interview, Monáe claimed she was looking to be a positive role model for young girls, claiming that she believed covering up was the way to do so. “People don’t ask Jay-Z to take his shirt off when he rhymes,” she explained, “Redefine what it means to be sexy and what it means to be a woman.” “Showing my skin is not what makes me sexy,” she claimed, “I like skirts and dresses just like everyone else, but I had a message I needed to put out there. It was up to me to show people and young girls there was another way.”

Users have dug up the interview, calling Monáe out for stripping down more than a few times as of late. Her “self-renaissance” has included posing topless for Rolling Stone, telling them, “I’m much happier when my titties are out and I can run around free.” Monáe also recently revealed the album art for The Age Of Pleasure, which again, features the performer posing topless. She explained to Rolling Stone, that a personal evolution has allowed her to feel, “more nude, more present, and less anxious,” than ever. The artist also recently flashed her chest during a performance earlier this month, leading to a Twitter uproar.

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Monáe Is “More Nude” Than Ever

Social media has been quick to scrutinize the performer amid her newfound confidence in revealing her body. “Sad to say, but money and fame do change some people,” one social media wrote in response to the resurfaced comments. Another added, “She literally ‘changed’ from trying to show girls a better way to being on some nut shit.” Someone else chimed in, saying, “It’s called she trying sell albums lol.”

Some users, on the other hand, came to Monáe’s defense, claiming, “It’s ok to evolve and change your mind.” One user showed their support, adding, “She showed y’all that for over a decade. Now she’s on a different time.” Another commenter raised the question, “People can’t gain confidence or evolve?”

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