On August 23, 2020, police officers responding to a call about a “domestic incident” arrived at a Kenosha, Wisconsin home. Witnesses reported that several women were engaged in an altercation while police claimed a woman called complaining that her boyfriend had taken her keys. When officers arrived, Jacob Blake was at the scene with his children in the car. The incident reportedly escalated—and depending on who you ask, the story changes regarding how that occurred—and after Blake was hit with a taser by cops, police claim he had a knife and was moving in a threatening manner. As he leaned inside of his car, Blake was shot seven times in the back, leaving him paralyzed.

Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images

Recently, Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Graveley announced that officer Rusten Sheskey, the person responsible for shooting Blake, wouldn’t be charged for the incident as it was a justified use of force. Immediately following Blake’s shooting, Kenosha’s streets were a staple for Black Lives Matter protests, including one where then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse reportedly shot three people, killing two.

Blake, who was released from the hospital not long ago, recently spoke with Michael Strahan for Good Morning America where he relived that harrowing moment when he was shot in front of his children. “All I remember at that point was kinda leanin’ back, lookin’ at my boys,” said Blake. “I said, ‘Daddy love you no matter what.’ It was the last thing I said to them at that point.”

“I thought it was gonna be the last thing I say to them,” he continued. “Thank God it wasn’t.” Check out a clip of Jacob Blake’s interview with GMA below and tune in tomorrow for the full discussion.