Yesterday was a big day for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as they were officially inaugurated. The inauguration was a massive event as it was watched by millions on TV, all while presenters of the United States’ political elite were on hand to witness it all go down in person. Former Democratic primary nominee Bernie Sanders was also at the event and he promptly stole the show thanks to his wardrobe which consisted of a simple jacket and some thick hand-sown mittens. It was the kind of attire that makes you think of your grandfather, who clearly doesn’t want to be out in the cold.

The image of Bernie sitting in his chair eventually went viral and quickly became a meme. Now, many are photoshopping Bernie into various historical photos and album covers. The latest person to do this is none other than J. Cole, who just posted a hilarious photoshop of Sanders replacing him on the 2014 Forest Hills Drive cover.

Considering the fact Bernie ran against Biden during the 2020 primary, it’s quite ironic that the Vermont Senator ultimately outshined the new President on his big day. Nevertheless, we have a new meme to obsess over this week, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

As for Cole, he had a pretty big day on Thursday as he revealed his latest signature shoe, the Puma Dreamer 2, which officially releases on January 28th.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images