For decades, stories about the strange goings-on at elite Hollywood parties have been shared like folklore. There have been rumors of satanic worship, massive orgies, the selling of souls, and cult meetings behind the scenes, and in a recent interview with Doggie Diamond’s No Filter PodcastWu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck told a story of an experience that left him, and fellow groupmate Ghostface Killah, a tad shook.

Steven Ferdman / Stringer / Getty Images

“We went to a house party in Hollywood, it was half of us, we went to the after-party, saw a lot of famous faces,” the rapper said. “We like, the uninvited guests. We the hood walkin’ through the mansion and it just was crazy. I remember me and [Ghostface Killah], Ghost will tell you this, too. We opened up a couple of doors just trying to see what was going on and Imma tell y’all, too. Y’all make it to Hollywood, get invited to these parties and all that, don’t be curious, bro. Don’t be opening doors.”

“We opened the doors and we saw a whole lotta, you know,” Deck enigmatically said. Whatever went on, he added that they were people he was “familiar with.” He added that it was “a whole lotta inappropriate activities… Nothing against gay people. It’s a lotta gay sh*t going on. Me personally, I love women. What’s that, Homosapien? I’m pro-women.” He was corrected and stated he was “heterosexual.”

The rapper suggested that this party was taking place in “broad daylight” and guests included some of the world’s favorite rappers and actors. Inspectah Deck added that later on at the party, the people that they saw came up to them as if they were good friends. “They want to know what you saw and how you feel about it,” he said. “I think in that case, that lets them know if you can come back to the house.”

“I know I ain’t never been invited back.” Of course, he refused to name any names, but you can watch him explain his experience below and share your guesses in the comments.