A forthcoming interview with Raz B has been placed on pause after a cease and desist letter was issued. Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked has a show on Fox Soul where he sits down with celebrities, and recently, he caught up with B2K’s controversial member Raz B. The singer has had his share of troubles throughout his career, but one thing he has always maintained is that as a kid in the industry, he was allegedly sexually abused by his group’s manager, music executive Chris Stokes.

Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer / Getty Images

According to Lee, he and Raz B discussed in detail the allegations the B2K singer has made and what he claims to have endured. However, just prior to the “humbling” interview making its way to the airwaves, Lee claims Fox Soul was served with a cease and desist note from a person who would only be identified as one of the people Raz accused of sexual assault. 

While Lee was visibly irked by the situation, Raz B surfaced on his social media to publicly call out Stokes. “Check this sh*t out, I’m tired of f*ckin’ being bullied. I’m a grown-ass man. I’m 35-years-old, I’m not a little kid,” said Raz. “I’m tired of you n*ggas f*ckin’ with me… We ain’t on no street sh*t, we ain’t gon’ send nobody to see you. You ain’t gotta send nobody to see me, but what we will do, is when I see you, I’m smackin’ the sh*t out yo ass.”

“Y’all n*ggas took my money—we already know Chris, we know, we get it,” Raz continued. “But n*gga, this sh*t is over. Your time is done, n*gga. So when I see you, I want a fade, n*gga. Hit me up, n*gga.” On Lee’s page, he added that as someone who is a victim of sexual abuse by a man, he won’t allow Raz to be silenced. Check out both of their posts below.