Though the rap game can occasionally move at a rapid-fire pace, the legendary Dr. Dre has been on many minds of late. In fact, following his hospitalization for a brain aneurysm, it feels as if a black cloud has been looming overhead. This morning, it was reported that Dre remains in the intensive care unit as doctors attempt to figure out the cause behind the alarming emergency. And while Dre himself did reveal that he was on the road to recovery in an Instagram statement, the latest news on the situation has once again sparked concern from the hip-hop community. 

 Dave Tonge/Getty Images

Following this morning’s report, fellow OG Ice-T took to Instagram to share an update on Dr. Dre‘s situation. “Just talked to the homie @drdre,” he reveals. “He’s doing good and hopefully he’ll be home soon..” But let’s keep him in our prayers. For a full recovery.” While that’s certainly a positive sign, it goes without saying that fans should keep the Good Doctor in their thoughts. The fact that 2021 is kicking off with one of hip-hop’s great innovators in the hospital is certainly disheartening — though Ice T’s latest news does provide some cause for optimism.

It should be noted that the doctors did inform his family that the worst-case-scenario was not expected, but they felt that further tests should be run in order to prevent any further complications. Be sure to show some love to Dr. Dre, hip-hop’s great instrumentalist, in the comments below.