He’s hoping to repeatedly recreate the success of his hit single “What’s Poppin,” and Jack Harlow isn’t taking anything less. The Kentucky native has been making waves with Generation Now since he crept into the scene, but last year’s viral hit help put him on the map as a contender in the rap game. Harlow wants to keep that momentum going for as long as he can, and he’s posing himself to have career longevity with some of our favorite legendary artists.

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

As enthused as Harlow is about his success, he told HipHopDX that he’s trying to keep a “cool head” about it all and added that quarantine has helped him in retaining humility about his successes. The rapper admitted that following his recent release That’s What They All Say, he does feel pressure to surpass his visibility in 2021.

“I like to keep people engaged,” said Harlow. “All these people are listening so I don’t want to just say nonsense or just say something that I halfway mean. I want everything I say to have conviction and be compelling. I see myself as a great and a future great. So I just treat the music that way.”

“I think my mission was to prove that I couldn’t really be pigeonholed and put in a box,” he added. “That’s why you get such a range and depth to the styles and production because I wanted to show people I wasn’t just my one hit record and I wanted to show people that they didn’t have me right. They really got me fucked up. They really don’t know who I am or what I can do. You can’t pigeonhole me. You can’t put me in a box.”

Do you think Jack Harlow is a “future great” in the making?