Whenever something transpires in the rap game, best believe that scores of opinions are sure to follow. Such was indeed the case following the news that Donald Trump, in a final act as President, granted Lil Wayne with a pardon from his recent federal weapon charge. Many were quick to circle back to Weezy’s infamous endorsement of Trump — one that came complete with a photo op — noting that it may very well have played a role in influencing the former POTUS’ decision. 

Chris McKay/Getty Images 

And while such theories sparked chatter — complete with judgments on Lil Wayne‘s character — Wack 100 recently came through to quell the noise with a PSA of sorts. “Yo, let’s address this Lil Wayne shit,” begins Wack. “All ya’ll fake muthafuckas talking about what you would have did. Lil Wayne did exactly what he was supposed to do. No snitching, no lining nobody up, no crying about it. N***a did some shit a whole lotta n***as wouldn’t have did, and took the charge like a gangsta.”

“All he had to do was stand with a man and give him an endorsement? Shit, let’s keep it real. All you n****s is out there laying with a broad that you know just sucked another n***a dick. The fuck out of here! Weezy F. Baby for President!” Trump straight gangsta for that.” An endorsement that comes too little, too late for the former President, but one that speaks volumes on Wack’s values. Check out his message for yourself below, and sound off in the comments if you think he’s speaking facts. For a deeper insight into Weezy’s perspective on his recent arrest, be sure to check out his new single “Ain’t Got Time” right here.