At this point, hip-hop’s obsession with ranking isn’t going anywhere, being one of the predominant pillars of rap discussion. Yesterday night,  the NRF Podcast Twitter page pitted Freddie Gibbs and Pusha T against each other, asking fans to crown one decisive “king of coke rap.” The question went on to spark no shortage of responses, with fans apparently split as to which one has most effectively come to encapsulate the lyrical subgenre. Though no clear conclusion was ultimately reached — and how could it be? — the question did end up drawing a response from Freddie Gibbs himself, who teased fans with a tantalizing what-if scenario

Frank Hoensch/Redferns/Getty Images

“Fuck a versus,” declares Gangsta Gibbs. “I would make this album tho.” Naturally, many were quick to approve of the potential pairing, unlikely though it may be to actually manifest into an entire album. Still, it’s exciting to see that Freddie would be willing to take the plunge, especially as he and Pusha recently exhibited masterful chemistry on Bandana highlight cut “Palmolive.” Regardless of whether or not Gibbs and Pusha T actually reunite in the studio, it’s still cool to see Gibbs blessing the Clipse lyricist with some hefty praise.

Insofar as new music is concerned, Pusha T has been steadily working on his Daytona follow-up, having recently confirmed that both Pharrell Williams and Kanye West would be providing production. As for Gibbs, he previously hinted at some new music with Metro Boomin, which leaves us wondering as to whether or not he’s already working on his next body of work. Who knows — maybe Freddie and Push will make time once their respective new albums officially drop.